A Very Special Announcement: Changes at The Village Voice


Hello, Runnin’ Scared readers! We have a special programming announcement for you all! Are you ready? You look ready. Here we go:

Effective, like, the first week in January, Joe Coscarelli — our indomitable, esteemed weekend editor — will join the staff of this here blog full-time!

Joe is 23 22 [Ed. Jesus!], which, according to my math, makes him the youngest staff writer basically in the entire 200-year history of The Village Voice. This doesn’t count Dan Kois sourcing out his raw copy to nine year-old girls, because he’s not full-time, obviously.

In all seriousness, once Jen was on board to fill the vacancy Barack Obama-quotee and former Runnin’ Scared blogger Roy Edroso left us with, bringing on Joe — who I’ve considered to be one of this city’s most young, important editorial talents for a while now, and wanted to work with — was my first priority. Since he’s been here, he’s basically killed it. He’s also written a cover story! And he’s the resident expert on Free Kanye West songs.

While working for us, he’s also written for New York! For LIFE. For BlackBook and the LA Times. For Capital New York! For Rolling Stone! The guy’s in demand. Bringing him on full-time wasn’t as easy as the first time we hired him, but after a week of binge Four Loko drinking [Ed.: Where do you think I’ve been all week? Slacking off? No: CLOSING. Loko is for closers.] tribal ritualism, the negotiation of a contract stipulation that for all intents and purposes makes Intern Myles his indentured servant, and Jen Doll threatening to bust his kneecaps, we closed the deal this morning. When reached for quote on the matter, Coscarelli told us: “We gotta play ’em one day at a time. I’m just happy to be here. Hope I can help the ballclub. I just want to give it my best shot, and the good Lord willing, things will work out.”

I think it’s safe to say we’re all very happy for and proud of Joe, and we’re all excited. That’s it. Just excited.

Also: I’m leaving my Village Voice family to go to Esquire and I’ll be the Online Features Editor, and I start on Monday the 13th. I’ve spent the last week trying to secure my top choice to replace me for a job that has been, in all sincerity, the most important, exciting, and generally fulfilling nine months of my life, and as a friend and co-worker to the Voice and Joe, couldn’t be more pleased with the result. I’m also basically abdicating the media reporting beat, so eff all y’all. I’m actually going to start trying to enjoy the New York Observer for the first time in like, two years. Also I should note that I wouldn’t work for a Voice competitor anyway, except for maybe Cranky Kaplan. Since I’ve become convinced that the snipers positioned on top of Cooper Union are representatives from the Hearst press relations department, I’ll hold on talking about my new gig until Friday, though I will say that (a) the move is both incredibly exciting and bittersweet, and (b) the edit test to even be allowed in the door was Bear Grylls-esque. More on all of that in the next week, when I raise all hell on my way out. [AND OH WILL I! I’m currently preparing my Daniel Schorr-esque report on New York Media for Friday.]

For now, though, let’s raise our Four Loko-filled glasses to Joe, and welcome him to the family.

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