Blogger Uses LeBron James to Explain Why Pie Will Never Replace Cupcakes


Food in Mouth has added more ammunition to the pie-vs.-cupcake skirmish that we in the food blogosphere like to pretend is laying waste to bakeries across the land:

Look, I love pies and all. They’re neat. They come in circles or semi-triangles depending on whether you get a whole pie or a slice. But they’re expensive compared to cupcakes. Even if you get a cupcake that’s in the upper echelon of the price scale at Butter Lane, $3, it’s still cheaper than any pie you’re gonna get in New York City. See it’s just like the basketball analogy. Kevin Durant might be really really awesome, but guess what, Lebron James is still more awesome.

Also, pie does not look good in pastel colors, although it’s entirely possible that Kevin Durant does.

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