Bloomberg Puts Cheap Things On His Feet


Our mayor, like every other over-sixty jewish man probably does, buys his socks for cheap from Filene’s. The New York Post got the mayor to tell where the emperor gets his new clothes from. He said, “I buy my suits at Martin Greenfield, my shirts from Paul Stuart and my socks at Filene’s!” the mayor said. The Mayor’s sock choice kind of diminishes his cool factor. If you have all of that money you should at least be buying from J. Crew. Step your sock game up Mayor Mike!

The Post is apparently really hot on the sock beat lately. This October they captured average New Yorkers reactions to this $500 Rodarte pair. Although their more in Mr. Bloomberg’s price range, we’re not sure that the bright colors would work with the rest of his style.

We wonder how many of these cheap pairs Bloomberg flies through per year. Everyone knows that the cheaper the socks, the faster they get holes. He must at least go through a package a week. Bloomberg could always just invest in some high black stockings. They’re always in vogue for New York politicians.