Das Racist To the New York Times Magazine’s Deborah Solomon: “Fall Back”


We did it, Internet! This week’s subject of Deborah Solomon’s occasionally derided, frequently entertaining, CONDENSED AND EDITED “Questions For…” column is none other than SOTC pals Das Racist. And if you thought they were backing down upon reaching the New York Times Magazine, well…

Do you see your work as a critique of white America?
Suri: I think it is solely a critique of John Boehner. As our bandmate Ashok Kondabolu would say, John Boehner represents the utmost in white demonry.

This is precisely why I make a point of never asking rappers questions about politics.
Suri: Deborah, chill. Vazquez: Fall back.

Speaking of white demons, pretty sure she’s got Himanshu misidentified as Victor here:

This comes almost immediately after Solomon asks the two of them to describe their respective ethnicities with the gentle question, “What are you actually?” Gonna take a real long time to re-Indianize after this one.

Questions for Das Racist: Straight Outta Wesleyan [NYTM]