Fake Entity Ruth Bourdain Gets a Real Column at CHOW


CHOW is getting a new columnist in Ruth Bourdain, the elusive and still unknown Twitter persona whose Tweets are an amusing mash-up of those of Ruth Reichl and Anthony Bourdain. So what will Ms. (Mr.?) Bourdain be doing?

Beginning December 8, Ruth Bourdain will be writing a biweekly etiquette column, which CHOW describes as being about “dining etiquette with expletive-packed answers that are unlikely to provide much insight, assistance, or edification.” Hopefully questions will include gems like “What’s the best culinary preparation for magic mushrooms?” or “I caught my sister masturbating with a cucumber. How should I act around her now?” In any event, we look forward to this coup from Ruth Bourdain. Who says journalism is dead if a fake persona can get a column?

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