To Buy Hardcore Records At Next Week’s New York Punk & Underground Record Fair, Or To Pirate Them Like Mad From the Internet?


We mention the above since all week we’ve been sort of tormented by Steve Blush’s decision to post 911 free hardcore MP3s to his website, in celebration of the second edition of his great book American Hardcore: A Tribal History. Because, on the one hand, free Articles of Faith! But on the other hand…free Articles of Faith (sad emoticon). Blush includes the disclaimer: “COPYRIGHT HOLDERS: I will delete your tracks at your request,” and refrains from making the obvious point, which is you’d be hard-pressed figuring out to find a lot of these guys, let alone pay them. (Anybody know where the members of All White Jury are right now? Anyone?) You’d also have difficulty finding a lot of this music for download, legal or otherwise, anywhere else. Which I guess is where next Saturday’s New York Punk & Underground Record Fair comes in:

Note that while the albums being sold here will actually cost you money, that money probably won’t go to the bands either; anyone who has ever been to a record fair before knows we’re talking strictly resale. So it’s lose lose, or win win, depending on whether or not you were ever a member of Absolution, we guess. (We were not, ourselves, though we often wished that we were.) Anyway you’ll probably be able to find some of their records at Southpaw next week–Saturday, December 11, $5, plus whatever you spend buying me holiday gifts. I’ve already pirated all the records at this site here so please leave them off your list.

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