Village Voice Web Awards: The Finalists for Best Photo Blog Are…


Counting down to Tuesday’s glorious Web fest at Santos’ Party House (get in touch if you’re hankering for an invite), today we have our celebrated finalists for Best Photo Blog. Four worthy contenders, they run the gamut from the austere and abandoned street scene to the wackiest of wild and crazy NYC nightlife shots. The envelope, please…

Joe’s NYC
About: photos of new york city : : occasionally elsewhere : : by joseph o. holmes
Recent photo:“Bowery”

Nathan Kensinger Photography
About: I am a photographer, filmmaker, and film festival programmer. I publish two photo essays a month on this website.
Recent photo: From “The Greenpoint Terminal Market Revisited”

Driven By Boredom
About: Driven By Boredom was blog before blog was a word. Dating back to 2000, at some point this site was well regarded and well loved. The site was 100% original content, and because of this it stood out from many of the other blog sites around at the time. In 2003, I started managing a band called The Gaskets and I pretty much stopped updating the site. In 2006 I decided I wanted to start the site up again. At this point in my life I had been doing a lot of party photography, so this site features a lot of party photography. but that is not what this site is really about.
Recent photo: From “20 Erotic Photographers For Jessie Lee”
About: {smile} Nicky Digital! Music | Parties | Lifestyle
Recent photo: From “GALLERY: Thursday Night Live @ John Varvatos on December 2, 2010”

Winners to be announced at the event on Tuesday, December 7. Stay tuned for more!