Viral Cross-Country Love Letter “I Hope This Gets to You” Got to Her (Updated: The Girlfriend Speaks!)


Oh, it makes us happy when something works out! As you may know, earlier this week we posted about a man’s attempt to send a YouTube love letter (a song he helped write with his friends, members of The Daylights, then directed and filmed and sent off by tweet) to his girlfriend, an MBA student at Duke. The hitch: He would do it via the Internet. None of their friends were allowed to tell her about it; she was to discover it all on her own, randomly. (He even blocked her from his Twitter.) And…it happened!

Yesterday, we got a note from Walter May, the man behind the missive, telling us his girlfriend, Alexis, had seen our piece on her Facebook feed. She was, as you might expect, psyched:

Here’s how Alexis tells it:

How did you end up discovering the video?
It was Tuesday, and I was in school all day…throughout the day I’d kept getting messages from people I didn’t know on Facebook, with the link to the video attached. I didn’t click — I thought it was just spam. Then I finally got a message from someone asking “Do you even exist?” That’s when I looked at it.

What did you do? Did you know right away it was from him?
The beginning is pretty indicative of what’s to come, and when I saw it — he’s so creative, everything he does is really artistic — I knew it had to be something he’d created from scratch. I knew the song sounded like the Daylights, but I’d never heard it. The whole thing just blew me away. I was crying…nobody’s ever done anything so romantic for me in my life. It meant so much.

So you called him…
Yeah, he was at work but I called and he was like, “Yep!” I didn’t know the magnitude of it right away. He’d told all my friends not to tell me. When I looked at it on YouTube, I saw it was at like 300,000 hits! At school too, it’s funny…My marketing professor showed it at the beginning of class yesterday. His 70-year-old father-in-law had sent him the link. Everybody’s so blown away, and it’s really awesome to see how people are so supportive. It made me feel like the huge geographical distance between us was really diminished, it’s like he’s here.

When do you see Walter again?
Right after finals; they’re over on the 15th. I get to be home for a few weeks.

Any ideas what you’re getting him for Christmas?
The bar’s set pretty high, let’s just say that.

And, so, in Internet time, a trickle-down crowd-sourced viral delivery of a piece of mail — say, a YouTube love letter set to music — takes less than a week to go from coast to coast, especially when retweeted by Katy Perry. Better, and a lot more romantic, than a carrier pigeon, we think. Aw. Love.

“Man’s Secret Digital Love Letter to Long-Distance Girlfriend Really Ups Nationwide Romance Ante”