New Jersey Inching Toward Medical Marijuana, But It Won’t Be the “Good Stuff”


Ailing New Jersey residents may be smoking medical marijuana by next summer thanks to a compromise reached between Governor Chris Christie and weed advocates, who thought they had won when previous Governor Jon Corzine signed a law legalizing the treatment on his way out of office. Not so fast, said Christie, who has spent the year “haggling” with lawmakers over the bill’s fine print. Now they seem to be coming to some terms. Basically, The Man wants it weaker.

The New York Times reports today that six growing and distributing sites have been agreed upon, despite Christie’s initial push to have only two for growing and four for distributing. On the other hand, New Jersey will become the first of the 14 states which allow the drug to limit the amount of psychotropic chemical, a.k.a. the good part, in the herb.

More details via the Times:

While the Christie administration had pushed to require qualifying patients to exhaust all other treatments before receiving medical marijuana, the compromise applies that restriction to only three nonfatal conditions: seizures, glaucoma and intractable muscle spasms.

Mr. Christie hailed the compromise as “the best way to move forward on a responsible, medically based program that will avoid the significant fraud and criminal diversion that other states have experienced.”

Still, others aren’t happy that doctors will be required to “attest that they’ve provided education for the patients on the lack of scientific consensus for the use of medical marijuana.”

“What kind of statement is that?” said Ken Wolski, the CEO of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey. “The act found legitimate uses for marijuana therapy in a number of specified conditions.”

Even patients with several conditions will be limited to 2 ounces a month, so Garden Staters, don’t smoke it all in one place.

New Jersey Closer to Sales of Medical Marijuana
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