Mark Zuckerberg to Debut New Facebook Profile Page Tonight on 60 Minutes


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will use Sunday’s episode of 60 Minutes like one giant commercial for his company, unveiling the new profile page design on the air. Above is a screenshot of the episode’s preview, giving us the pleasure of a first glimpse. In the clip Zuckerberg is described as wearing “a nondescript t-shirt at a nondescript desk.” But also he’s changing the world with his cool company. The company is so cool that in the video, someone in the Facebook office is riding one of those skateboard things with only two wheels.

Mashable notes that the “poke” button moved and there are more photos on the page. But don’t panic. As of yet, there seems to be no Facebook groups against the newest incarnation of the profile page, though there are many left over from the last update. Give it time though!

UPDATE: Here’s a complete rundown of the adjustments, should you care, from TechCrunch.