Ballroom Dancing for New Year’s?


Why not bring in the New Year actually touching your partner? (You can go back to the frosty aloneness at the stroke of 12:01.)

Try the Edison Ballroom’s event featuring Joe Battaglia‘s New York Big Band, a fabulous 16-piece orchestra (with featured vocalists) rocking out on your parents’ or grandparents’ classics as well as some favorite show tunes from your own lost youth.

This isn’t the kind of music where you grab your crotch. It’s the type where you grab your co-star in life and swirl him/her around on the dance floor like Fred and Ginger on lots of bubbly.

You’ll feel like you’re starring in an episode of Dancing With the Stars minus the political agendas.

I’ve been to three Battaglia events (which also feature the hot combo the Direct Latin Experience) and they’re always lively, genteel, and tres amusant as you watch an array of couples going to extreme places in their love of synchronized movement, then valiantly try to join them.

Warning: Most of them have had classes.