Bunny Chow Space May Be Taken Over by Los Feliz Affiliates


Bunny Chow, Orchard Street’s “very curious” South African restaurant, is done and gone, and now, according to a liquor license application on the CB3 site, some of the folks who brought us Los Feliz may be taking over the space.

The application doesn’t provide extensive details, except to say the proposed restaurant/bar will have 18 tables and a 10-seat bar, and will occasionally employ a DJ. Given that the space sits a few doors down from Casa Mezcal, home to three bars and live musical performances, one assumes the board will have something to say about the noise potential — particularly if they take the time to read Los Feliz’s Yelp reviews, like this one: “this place is loud. REALLY loud. Like, you almost have to shout at the person across from you to be heard.”