Cabrito Is Closing


Cabrito, the sort-of Mexican restaurant that Our Man Sietsema once described as “nominally a glorified taqueria,” is giving up the goat (sorry, couldn’t resist). Sam Sifton got on the horn with Zak Pelaccio and learned that the chef will close his two-year-old restaurant on December 31 and reopen it in the spring as a more “grown-up” Fatty concept where “the plates are a little more studied and the food is not so deliberately leaning toward the Southeast Asian end of the spectrum.”

Dave Schuttenberg, Cabrito’s chef, will move to the Upper West Side location of Fatty Crab, and his former place of employment will be gut-renovated. No word on what will become of the goat, which already has a storied history, or whether barbecued hog head will meet the definition of “grown-up.”