Dag Nasty’s Dave Smalley, American Hardcore’s Steven Blush, and J.T. LeRoy (?!) Will Be At the Strand Together Next Week


Because why the hell not, we guess. You’ve got to give it to Steven Blush–between giving away 911 songs that didn’t exactly belong to him and pulling both the legendary Dag Nasty frontman Dave Smalley and “Avenue A-skinhead-turning-notorious-author Laura Albert,” a/k/a the infamous J.T. LeRoy, for a panel discussion next Wednesday at the Strand, his promotional campaign for the expanded reissue of American Hardcore: A Tribal History has hit heights usually not attained by humble music historians. Or really anybody. They even made a convincingly faux-hardcore flyer for the panel next week:

Lest you scoff at the incongruous J.T. LeRoy inclusion, recall he/she edited Da Capo Best Music Writing 2005 and has had run-ins in the past with everyone from Billy Corgan to Courtney Love. And Smalley of course sings on one (many, actually) of the greatest songs hardcore ever spawned:

Cameo potential in the crowd at this thing is gonna be unreal.

American Hardcore: A Tribal History, December 15 [The Strand]