Did Michael Wolff Set This Media Panel on Fire?


We recently reported on I WANT MEDIA’s Media Person of the Year discussion at NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Institute of Journalism that took place earlier today, which ended with the building being evacuated by New York’s Bravest, the good people of FDNY. But what’s wrong with the picture we saw when we got downstairs?

As noted by our editor, Tony Ortega, in an interoffice phone call:

“Is that a picture of Michael Wolff you posted?”

What? No. That’s Lloyd Grove. It’s Lloyd. It’s not a great picture of him but–

“No, with the green hat.”

Green hat? [Opens post, looks again.] That’s Michael Fucking Wolff! [Hangs up phone to editor’s hysterical cackling.]


We kid, incredibly outspoken former Vanity Fair media critic and founder and author of The Man Who Owns the News: Inside the Secret World of Rupert Murdoch and recently named Editorial Director of AWM (or: “Ad Week Media”) who is currently readying himself for what essentially amounts to the company and the brand’s relaunch. MORE IMPORTANTLY is that Michael Wolff — a well-noted “firestarter” who has been a frequent target of attack and scrutiny on this blog — has a longstanding and well-documented feud with one of the panel’s participants, David Carr.

So yes, of course we are joking about whether or not the rage-inducing publicity expert set a panel discussion — one which he was not invited to speak at alongside his nemesis as he readies to re-launch an entire brand of publications — on fire. Michael Wolff would never try to set that media panel on fire. Of course we’re joking. Obviously we’re joking.