Four Loko Menorah Celebrates Hanukkah in the Best Way Possible — Drunk!


Tonight, as we light the sixth candle on our menorah, one Jewish household will be drinking their sixth Loko — at least, metaphorically. NYU student Samantha Jinishian and her roommates have constructed a work of art (religious iconography?) they’ve dubbed the “Four-Loko-norah.” The environmentally friendly recycled ceremonial candleholder is constructed out of nine empty Four Loko cans.

Samantha and her roommates are all “big fans of Four Loko.” With no menorah and the first night of Hanukkah rapidly approaching, they scrambled and began to make one out of aluminum foil. Samantha then saw the empty Four Loko cans all over her table, and the golden idea was born. She calls it “just a spur-of-the-moment stroke of genius.”

Now, with the Loko ban looming, Samantha is holding out for Hanukkah miracle: “I’m not too optimistic, but, hey, they didn’t think that oil would last for 8 days and it did, so who knows?”

Are there any similarities between Four Loko transcendence and religious transcendence? Samantha told us, “I would say that I feel more strongly about Four Loko than any religion.” As for the Loko ban: “I think it’s stupid and unnecessary and kids will always find a way to get drunk. Four Loko is clearly a scapegoat in this situation.”

The menorah was first featured on the Tumblr of NYU Local and then on Gothamist.