Man Arrested in Disney-Town Murder, Making Him Most Evil Disney Villain of All Time


A 28-year-old homeless man, David-Israel Zenon Murillo, has been arrested in the first ever murder in Disney Town, a/k/a, Celebration, Florida, a town created by Disney imagineers. Via the New York Post, the suspect was described by police as a “transient” who knew the victim, 58-year-old Matteo P. Giovanditto.

Murillo apparently bludgeoned Giovanditto with an ax before strangling him, making him pretty much the most evil Disney villain of all time — even beating out the hunters that shot Bambi’s mom.

Adding to the sudden surge of violence in Disney Town, Giovanditto’s murder was followed by the seemingly unrelated suicide of 52-year-old Craig Foushee, who’d barricaded himself in his apartment after shooting at deputies. This town that was supposed to be “Stepford-like” suddenly doesn’t sound so perfect after all. Murders, suicides, homeless people? Or is this one of those Disney movies that both kids and adults are supposed to enjoy?