Mel Gibson Hides Behind the Beaver


The trailer for Mel Gibson‘s comeback film The Beaver, in which he’s a disturbed man who lets a beaver hand puppet speak for him, is a masterpiece of unintentional guffaws for those with really cheap and obvious minds.

So here goes:

As Mel’s son pulls out a biological representation of a cerebrum, he explains to Mel, “It’s a brain. Mom says yours got broken.”

No kidding!

When Mel starts talking to the puppet, it compassionately says to him, “I’m the beaver, Walter. I’m here to save your damned life.”

(But isn’t it the beaver that ruined it?)

There’s even a quick shot of esteemed lesbian actress Cherry Jones saying to Mel, “A beaver?”

And that’s just in the first several seconds. Check it out and see if this beaver can help build a damn between Mel and his negativity.

Jodie Foster directs and co-stars.