MTA Trying to Win You Over With Their Adorable Vintage Subway Cars Again


Most of the year you can get away with hating the MTA outright, for the lack of service, service disruptions, ever-increasing fares, or just ’cause you can. But at holiday time they pull out the big guns, and suddenly you can’t help but feeling ever so slightly warmer-and-maybe-even-fuzzy about the transit authority you’d otherwise be railing on.

We’re talking about those perfectly retro “nostalgia trains” running on Sundays in December, not to mention the adorable green and yellow vintage buses. So what if taking the train or the bus isn’t exactly a family tradition? You have to admit, these things are cute, so far as commuting goes.

Says the MTA,

The nostalgia fleet will operate along routes in all five boroughs. Vintage buses will operate along the B1 and B65 in Brooklyn; S61 in Staten Island; Q13 and Q46 in Queens; M34 and M42 in Manhattan and the Bx7 and Bx30 in the Bronx.

Subway customers may also take a ride back in time between Queens and Lower Manhattan along the M line through the holiday season. The “Nostalgia Train” is made up of subway cars in service from 1932 until 1977. Ceiling fans, padded seats, and incandescent light bulbs were state-of-the-art when these cars were first placed in service.

Not tempted to actually get on a train on your Sunday? Watch this instead:

As for “regular” service, the MTA promises more garden variety average trains running more frequently to help with the holiday traffic flow, making everybody more festive. Cheers to that.