Snow Flurries Today; Continental Found Guilty of Concorde Crash; Bodies of Missing Balloonists Found


• Look for snow flurries today! Also, it’s cold. Despite what you might hear, this is actually not the first time we’ve gotten snow this year. Nor will it be the last. [Weather]

• Continental Airlines has been found guilty of effectively causing the crash of a Concorde jet at Charles de Gaulle that killed 113 — one of its planes left titanium debris on the runway that gashed the Concorde’s tire, starting a fire. The airline will have to pay Air France 1 million euros in damages. A mechanic with the airline was also found guilty of manslaughter. [NPR]

• HSBC is being sued for $9 billion for allegedly ignoring warnings from its accountants that Bernie Madoff was up to no good. [NBC NY]

• A man shot a livery cab driver on Saturday night in Queens, leaving him for dead and robbing him of less than $100. The driver, Trevor Bell, is in serious condition. The police have released surveillance video of his attacker. [NYP]

• The “Coney Island 8” businesses being evicted, including Ruby’s and Shoot the Freak, have a court date on December 10 with Central Amusement International, whose lawyers have filed a suit to make the businesses “surrender the subject premises.” [Amusing the Zillion]

• The bodies believed to be of two missing American balloonists, Richard Abruzzo of New Mexico and Carol Rymer-Davis of Colorado, have been found by fisherman off the Italian coast. They’d gone missing in September after their balloon made a rapid descent in bad weather during a race. [CNN]

• Next up for terrorism: Terrorist doctors are reportedly trying to figure out how to surgically implant bombs into terrorists’ bodies, thereby hiding the explosives from security screeners at airports. Yuck. [NYDN]