The Village Voice Web Awards Are Tomorrow, and We’re Pretty Damn Excited


We’re getting kinda excited over here about our upcoming first annual Web awards. For one thing, we’ve managed to snag a 14-year-old rapper who’s become Internet-famous via his catchy depiction of the conflicting feelings a young man must face when his rather attractive mother is ogled on the streets of New York City (Astronomical Kid goes on at 8 p.m.!). For another, funny dude Todd Barry is hosting! And, for yet another, there are some rather awesome awards, to some rather awesome people, to be doled out. Including, but not limited to…

Best Blog Post of the Year

Best Viral Video of the Year

Most Awesome Tweets of the Year

Best Twitterers

Best Sports Blog

Best Food Blog

Best Photo Blog

Best Local Music Site

Best Politics Blog

Best Neighborhood Blog

Best Arts Blog

Best Personal Blogs

Best Sex Blogger

And more, including any number of surprises! There will definitely be complimentary snacks and booze. And there will be us — just a website, standing in front of a bunch of other websites, asking them to love us. Or something like that.

Wanna come? Santos Party House, starting at 7 p.m., tomorrow. Email me for an invite.