Unabomber’s Old Stomping Grounds Now Half Off: Scenic Vistas! Motivated Seller!


Would you want to live on the former land of the Unabomber, or, as the property’s real estate agent puts it, “Own a piece of infamous U.S. history!”? If so, now is exactly the right time for you to scoop up Ted Kaczynski’s old 1.4-acre property in Lincoln, Montana.

The price was just slashed from $154,500 to $69,500, which wouldn’t even buy you a closet in Brooklyn. But it’s not like this spot doesn’t have location: There’s proximity to the Bob Marshall and Scape Goat Wilderness Areas and the Blackfoot and Missouri Rivers, and plenty of peace and quiet so you can focus on your hunting, fishing, scrapbooking, and letterbombing campaigns…or whatever you happen to do in your free time.

No electricity, running water, or the cabin where Kaczynski was captured in 1996 — but there’s plenty of room to put down roots!

[via Pat’s Papers]