Which “Disease Movie” Makes You Cry the Hardest?


Love & Other Drugs has Jake Gyllenhaal falling for Parkinson’s sufferer Anne Hathaway, his once-callow personality tested by the possible commitment to a challenging situation.

But this being Hollywood, Hathaway’s character is only in Phase One of the illness. In other words, her hands shake a little on occasion, and that’s about the extent of it!

She’s gorgeously composed except for a slight hand tremor!

The 1970 smash Love Story also comes to mind as a denialist classic which hints at death while not discomforting the audience with too much realness. She died looking totally hot.

But are there disease flicks that really got you where it hurts?

That seemed truthful and powerful and somehow ennobling in their clarity of mission?

Some possible choices:

Away From Her


Terms of Endearment

Longtime Companion


All of these can turn customers into puddles of weepy, unembarrassed empathy.

But if any of you said Sweet November, you’re sick!