A Four Loko Tasting Menu in Philadelphia


A Philadelphia chef, following in the footsteps of Eddie Huang, has begun stockpiling Four Loko and will be serving tasting menus in which he pairs the dishes with different flavors of the soon-to-be-extinct booze.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Matt Levin of Adsum restaurant will be offering a $35 tasting menu featuring Moroccan lamb sausage and peppers with Adsum’s Loko Yoko cocktail; BBQ Picnic featuring Loko pearls and pickled watermelon rind, paired with Lemonade Loko; vanilla pain perdu with Loko slushy and gelée, served with Watermelon Loko; and Loko pate de fruit, with Fruit Punch Loko.

Four Loko is pretty rad, but let’s not kid ourselves here. Four Loko is for when you want to get shitfaced and eat poontang potstickers (R.I.P.). It’s not supposed to be gussied up into cocktails. Loko pearls? No thanks. This meal just sounds weird. And with 660 calories per can of Four Loko, it’s for sure that this will be a tasting menu with epic calories.