Dear New Yorkers: Put on Some Pants! It’s December, for the Love of God.


It was to our amusement and consternation that we learned, via Bowery Boogie, that a man had been seen in quintessential East Village dive Lucy’s on Saturday night, windchill factor: brrrr, wearing a pair of cargo shorts. Still, Lucy’s is the sort of place where warmth comes from within. But we became ever the more worried whilst perusing Craigslist Missed Connections, as we are wont to do now and again — for purely journalistic reasons — today. We found this:

can’t believe you were wearing shorts last night – m4w – 27 (Upper East Side)

I was so cold and bundled up that I was embarrassed when I saw you approaching wearing shots and a light jacket. I could have sworn you smiled at me… but in more of a laughing at you, not with you kind of way. I thought it was funny too though.

Is this a trend? Come forth, third shorts-wearer, or third person to see someone wearing shorts, and let us know.

No, but actually, guys: It’s December. It snowed yesterday. Come on, put some pants on! Or at least a pair of jeggings. Hypothermia happens. Don’t let it happen to you.