Download: Mirror Mirror, “Interiors (Jamstation Exterior Remix)”


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Brooklyn multimedia performance troupe Mirror Mirror play dark and theatrical chamber noise. Like swallowing a handful of black glitter, their sound crosses the thresholds of glam, post-punk, dance, Nuggets-garage and neon electronic burble for a majestic glow that’s as likely to appear in an art gallery as a rock club–a recent performance at The Kitchen included wall projections, dance troupes, and a whole lotta spandex. Their next 12″ is due on RVNG Intl early next year and features remixes by Kingdom, Jamstation, Bruno from Light Asylum, and more. Co-songwriter David Riley describes lead track “Interiors” as sort of “a cross between shoegaze and R&B–horn samples, sub bass and a wall of guitars.” This MP3 of Jamstation’s “Exterior remix” turns the original into a dreamy, Florence-And-The-Machine-style banger with monstrous drums and cartoonish vocal effects, perfectly complementing its already trancey feel and haunting, Peter Gabriel-style harmonies.

Download: [audio-1]

Q&A: Mirror Mirror Co-Songwriter David Riley

What is “Interiors” about?

It’s about the way that interior space reflects psychological space. You can tell so much about someone by their bedroom.

What inspired it lyrically?

I was flipping through some old architectural books from the late ’70s–paneled rooms with round doors and large brass deer. I was thinking about the kind of character who would live there. I imagined a reclusive figure with a strange relationship to the objects around him or her. Always trying to rearrange, never getting it right…

What can you say about Jamstation’s remix?

The remix removes the guitars and makes it sound more like a drumline. Jamstation also pitched some of the vocals so that there are multiple characters in the song.

What’s the most memorable show you’ve ever played in New York?

The Kitchen show was great because it was a theatrical setting and we could achieve effects that wouldn’t be possible in a club. The Kitchen show was a multimedia experience. The experimental dance group Skint performed inside a white spandex house. Also there were step dancers. It was nuts! We also love playing at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn, because the space is always evolving. One time you’re playing on a stage with a slide sloping into the audience, the next time there’s a truckload of stuffed animals on the floor.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Brooklyn?

Is Rockaway Taco in Brooklyn? Or Queens? Either way, I love eating there and looking at the hot surfers with their wetsuits peeled off halfway. The tortilleria off the Jefferson L stop is amazing too. They used to have roosters walking around.

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