Rich Juzwiak, Ripped Off By A TV Show, Again


“I’m laughing, really I am,” insists our friend/colleague Rich Juzwiak, guru of dance music/horror movies/America’s Next Top Model, upon announcing that yet another prominent TV show (The Insider) has lifted, seemingly without credit, yet another of his quick-cut web-video delights (Mariah Carey prattling on about her pregnancy/need for immediately comfort/fat fingers on the Home Shopping Network). You’ll recall that Jay Leno recently boosted Rich’s Taylor-Swift-acting-surprised montage, which generated some amount of bemused Internet outrage and eventually resulted in Rich getting public credit; he seems far less concerned about this transgression, but let this serve as a reminder that any montage Rich sees fit to produce is worthy of both your time, and, evidently, airtime. His full Mariah clip, titled “Everything You Need to Know About Mariah Carey on HSN” and is a full seven and a half minutes long, gives you an idea of the dedication involved here.