Rich Juzwiak, Ripped Off By A TV Show, Again


“I’m laughing, really I am,” insists our friend/colleague Rich Juzwiak, guru of dance music/horror movies/America’s Next Top Model, upon announcing that yet another prominent TV show (The Insider) has lifted, seemingly without credit, yet another of his quick-cut web-video delights (Mariah Carey prattling on about her pregnancy/need for immediately comfort/fat fingers on the Home Shopping Network). You’ll recall that Jay Leno recently boosted Rich’s Taylor-Swift-acting-surprised montage, which generated some amount of bemused Internet outrage and eventually resulted in Rich getting public credit; he seems far less concerned about this transgression, but let this serve as a reminder that any montage Rich sees fit to produce is worthy of both your time, and, evidently, airtime. His full Mariah clip is below — that it is titled “Everything You Need to Know About Mariah Carey on HSN” and is a full seven and a half minutes long gives you an idea of the dedication involved here:

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