Weight Watchers Users Outraged at New Points for Eating Healthy; Has 2010 Been the Year of the Fish Taco?


The ongoing dispute over the licensing agreement between Kraft and Starbucks will be battled in court as Kraft sues.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

As part of a publicity stunt, the New York Burger Company got a priest, a minister, a rabbi, and other religious leaders to bless its burger. [NY Times]

Gael Greene offers advice on how to order at a restaurant, including these nuggets: “talk to the waiter” and “eat what you like,” even if it’s two starters and no main.

Weight Watchers members are up in arms over the new points system — called PointsPlus — that encourages eating fruits and vegetables over other low-cal snacks.
[ABC News]

Regulars of Elaine’s reminisce, wondering how the place will survive and what it will be like now that Elaine Kaufman is gone.
[NY Times]

The old adage “If you like laws and sausages, you should never watch either one being made” is insulting to sausage makers, whose process is better controlled.
[NY Times]

Food allergy tests alone might not be able to diagnose food allergies, and many kids avoiding certain foods might not have to.
[Wall Street Journal]

Forget burgers and fried chicken. A new report reveals that 2010 was really the year of the fish taco. Fish tacos on menus rose 22.5 percent in the first half of the year.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]