Will Spider-Man Fly?


It sounded good on paper:

Julie Taymor. Bono and The Edge. A Marvel comic classic.

But the reality is that superheroes generally don’t fly on Broadway, unless you count Thoroughly Modern Millie, ba-dum-pum.

And when a show is so elaborately technologically based, there are bound to be major foul-ups — like actors getting suspended over the audience or getting hit by pieces of scenery, other pieces not even there when they’re supposed to be.

Add to that a press corps that seems to be gunning for something so ballsy to fail and the odds are way stacked against this show.

Still, previews are meant for working things out. This is the time when Taymor and company are anxiously trying to fix and tweak — not just the technology, but the show lurking underneath it.

Will you care? How many actors (or careers) have to get hurt before this thing opens safely?