Diana Ross Is Officially My Top Blog of All Time!


My once-popular blog post about “People Who Work Your Last Gay Nerve” stalled a while ago at a mere 1124 comments.

What gay nerve!

But that only paved the way for the runner-up post, “Remembering Diana Ross’s Appalling Behavior at Flo Ballard’s Funeral,” to leap ahead in the name of love and top it!

Last time I looked, it had garnered no fewer than 1,159 comments.

Folks are still getting worked up over the fact that, according to one author that I quoted, Diana upstaged Florence’s corpse way back in 1976 by making the departed backup singer’s funeral all about the lead singer.

And that’s great for her! It’s the first number one my beloved Diana’s had in a while!

Even if this is mainly thanks to a long-simmering bitchfight between a group of people who are a little too heated on this topic for the sake of mass psychological health, it still counts.