Let’s see if we can think of some reasons why this is going to be a hot ticket. First, the Knicks and the Heat are in the same division—that’s something. The Knicks are playing their best ball in a long time. And, yes, of course, Miami stole Pat Riley from New York back in 1995. Anything else? Damn—how could we forget? LeBron chose Miami over New York. Be sure to come to the Garden and show your appreciation for the game’s greatest talent and let him know your feelings, New York–style. If you go to one Knicks game a year, this one will have, by far, the best atmosphere. (Maybe Spike will show up and start getting on King James’s ass!) Later on, you can say, “I was there when . . . ” and flash your laminated ticket stub.

Fri., Dec. 17, 7 p.m., 2010