Julian Medina Plans a Taco Triple Threat: Interview Part 2


Yesterday we interviewed chef Julian Medina about his Hanukkah traditions. Today he gives us a sneak peek of the menu at Toloache Taqueria, which opens Thursday at 83 Maiden Lane.

What was the first dish you learned how to cook growing up?

I learned how to cook roasted pork with tamarind glaze. My mother taught me how to make it.

Do you still make it?

Yeah, sometimes I still do.

You’re involved with both Toloache and the two Yerba Buenas. How do you divide your time among all your restaurants?

I try and go to Yerba Buena at lunchtime, and at night I’ll hop around from restaurant to restaurant.

And you’ve now got a Toloache Taqueria in the works. How will it be different from the original?

This is more like takeout fast food, so you can eat it on the go or take to your office. It’s in the Financial District on Maiden Lane and lots of people there will take the food back to their offices. We had friends and family today, which went well, and it’s opening Thursday.

What can we expect to see on the menu?

We have some guacamole and chips, tortilla soup, chicken pozole, and braised pork with noodle soup. And three different salads. And there’ll be grilled chicken tacos and brisket ones. And Mexican chocolate pork, fish tinga …

And after that? Any future projects in the works?

We’re opening another Toloache on the Upper East Side in the next few months.

Quite the taco domination of New York. Now then, what’s the best taco you’ve ever had?

Well, tacos are my favorite food ever, and the best type of taco is al pastor with adobo and pineapple. The one I like the most in New York is at a taqueria called Taco Mix on 116th Street.

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