Junk Food Is Popular? Shocker!


The New York Times is at the forefront of trends once again (err, not) with an article that notes — gasp — that junk food restaurants are popular on Capitol Hill.

D.C.’s becoming quite the junk-food culinary mecca, and even our homegrown heroes Bobby Flay and Danny Meyer are opening burger joints down there. Yet the “controversy” is that these restaurants are cropping up while the administration simultaneously tries to curb obesity. Indeed, chefs like Spike Mendelsohn, proprietor of We, the Pizza, have actually worked with Michelle Obama.

Really, though, aren’t junk-food restaurants popular everywhere? Burgers and pizzas taste way better than salad no matter where you are. And everyone knows junk food tastes especially great when you’re under pressure. And since Capitol Hill is filled with stressed-out, underpaid staffers, it’s logical that junk food would prosper there. Duh. You didn’t need a newspaper to tell you that.