McSorley’s Cat Is Being Sued and Has a Facebook Page


It has come to our attention via awesome East Village blogger (and our Best Neighborhood Blog winner) EV Grieve that Minnie McSorley, the cat who lives at McSorley’s Ale House (who’s recently been sued by a woman who claims that Minnie attacked her and left her with “serious injuries”) has a Facebook page, and 106 friends. “I’m an adorable cat who’s the target of a frivolous pawsuit,” she says.

This is important because we like cats, obviously, and we like Facebook, sort of. And puns. And East Village bar/cat history. In that vein, says Minnie,

I am the latest in a long line of cats that have lived at McSorley’s Old Ale House, going back to 1854 when it was known as The Old House at Home. Founder John McSorley’s son Bill had as many as 18 cats at a time. He used to feed us ground calf livers, which made the cats grow huge. We like to cuddle up next to the potbellied stove. That much hasn’t changed in 150-plus years. Not that much has.

Minnie is also a graduate of James Buchanan High School, Brooklyn ’04 and NYU ’08, which makes us wonder why she hasn’t gotten in touch about an internship. Minnie — we would love to have you. Also, we are so on your side regarding this lawsuit ridiculousness. Does this seem like a cat that would wound someone seriously?

Correction, via Minnie herself: “That’s not me in the video. That’s my predecessor, Minnie the First.”