Whatever psychological twitches of abandonment and existential fatigue Weezer may inspire now, with the persistent horror that is their current output (solipsistic rapping, crunchy power-pop vacuity, and what the hell are those lyrics?), nothing the band bleats out now can erode the magic of Pinkerton. Singer Rivers Cuomo’s struggle with sex and self-fulfillment—equal parts agitable and pensive, with some Madame Butterfly fetishization thrown in for fun—was the band’s opus, a jarringly ambitious follow-up to their self-titled surf-rock debut and brutally honest solace for a generation of teens. This half-hour of neuroses is why no longtime Weezer fan can let go of the band, and they’ll flock to tonight’s show: a faithful, track-by-track revisit of the 1996 album. It’s a rare opportunity, given how Cuomo once disavowed the record; the group will also play their “Blue Album” debut in entirety on Friday as part of the Memories tour. Last chance to chase your butterfly, guys.

Sat., Dec. 18, 7 p.m., 2010