Socarrat Will Open in Nolita Soon


Socarrat, home of paella goodness and crispy rice bits, is expanding to Nolita, and we’ve got a glimpse of what’s to come.

A stroll by the restaurant yesterday showed us that construction is basically done at 284 Mulberry Street, and the restaurant has confirmed that they expect to be open late next week or just shortly thereafter. And they tell us that the new restaurant will be larger and offer several seating options in case communal dining isn’t your idea of a fun time. The menu, too, includes some new additions, like a paella with lobster and langoustines and one with lamb.

The full menu:


Pisto Manchego y Huevo de Codorniz 9
sauteed eggplant, tomato, peppers, poached quail egg

Carpacchio vieyras y avocado 12
scallop carpacchio, avacado, pimenton olive oil

Ravas de Sepia 9
beer battered, fried sepia, piquillo pepper, piquillo aioli

Canelones 11
fresh manicotti, goat cheese, veal

Setas Salteadas 12
sautéed maitake, shiitake, crimini mushroom, serrano ham, truffle oil

Cazuela de Bacalao con Tomate frito 10
poached codfish, confit of fried grape tomato , olive oil

Favas Frescas con Sobrasada y Butifarra 10
stew of fava bean, butifarra, sobrasada

Datiles Rellenos 8
dates stuffed with baldeon cheese, marcona almond, bacon

Carne Marinada en Mostasa 12
mustard marinated hangar steak with fries

Verenjenas Rellenas de Vegetales 10
stuffed baby eggplant, tomato, onion, mushroom, pimenton, toast

Salteados de Espinaca con Garbanzas y Bacalao 10
sauteed spinach, chickpea, codfish, olive oil

Pimientos de Piquillo Rellenos de Bacalao 9
creamy bacalao, piquillo sauce, piquillo peppers

Gambas a la Gabardina 10
beer battered and fried shrimp, spicy aioli

Salmorejo 7
chilled tomato soup, olive oil, hard boiled egg, crispy fried serrano ham

Croquetas del dia 8
chef’s daily choice

Tortilla 7
potato and egg omelette, aioli

Gambas al Ajillo 9
sizzling shrimp, garlic , olive oil, guindilla pepper

Pan Tomaca 6
toast, tomato, olive oil, garlic, sherry vinegar

Jamones -all hand cut to order 12-22
Jamon Serrano
Jamon Iberico-

spanish artisanal cheeses-ask your server

Patatas Bravas 7
fried potato, garlic aioli, brava sauce

toast points with toppings, ordered by piece ($3)

Pan Tomaca with Jamon Serrano
Tortilla with aioli
Sobrasada with Sardina
Goat cheese and Boquerones
Gamba with Piquillo aioli
Setas with truffle oil
Garbanzo spread with chorizo

Paella Socarrat 22
chicken, fish, beef, shrimp, cuttlefish, green bean, mussel, cockle

Arroz Negro 23
black bass, squid ink, shrimp, squid, scallop

Fideua 23
crispy fideua, shrimp, cuttlefish, mussels, cod fish

Paella de Pescado y Mariscos 24
cod fish, shrimp, cuttlefish, mussel, cockle, squid, scallop

Paella de Vegetales 22
eggplant, cauliflower, artichoke, tomato, garbanzo bean, sugar snow pea

Paella de Carne 24
pork, chicken, duck, chorizo

Paella de Langosta 28
lobster tail, langostine, calamari, cod fish, cockle

Paella con Cordero 27
lamb, japanese eggplant, pine nuts

Postres 8

3 chocolate torta
dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, graham cracker, cinnamon

Pastalito de queso
ricotta, cream cheese, raspberry

Flan de Café
coffee, egg custard

Torrijas con Chocolate
fried egg bread, sugar, cinnamon, chocolate sauce

Bunuelos de Chocolate
beignets, dark chocolate, powdered sugar

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