A Comeback for Nicole Kidman?


Since winning the Oscar for 2002’s The Hours, Nicole Kidman has made some bold and varied choices.

The problem is, the vast majority of them turned out to be giant bombs.

In chronological order, Nicole made movies like:

Human Stain, Stepford Wives (a suburban mess), Birth (which died), Bewitched (it wasn’t bewitching),

Fur (quite hairy), Margot at the Wedding (I was the only one that liked it), The Golden Compass (hey, it was big in Europe), Australia (Probably big in New Zealand).

And of course Nine (a four).

Granted, she did the voice of a penguin in Happy Feet, which was a smash, but generally Nicole’s career has become as frozen as…well, let me not get bitchy.

She’s actually a really strong actress, and with the new film Rabbit Hole — based on the award-winning play about a mother coping with the death of her son — she has her best chance yet for a credibility comeback and another Oscar nomination.

Will she get out of that hole?