Brooklyn Bread Press Brings Foodie News to Kings County


Because there’s never enough food (or food writers, one might argue) to go around, there’s a new culinary weekly hitting the presses called Brooklyn Bread Press, covering, yup, the gastronomic delights of the BK.

There’s not much featured on Brooklyn Bread Press‘s website, but The Greenpoint Gazette has a longer write-up about the new publication. Founded and edited by Danielle Swift and Jack Wright, the paper will focus on Brooklyn’s finest chefs, cooks, bakers, restaurateurs, and proprietors, while focusing (obviously, it’s Brooklyn) on the local and hyper-local. Columnists will include local foodies like Cathy Erway and Annie Novak of the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm. Distribution is Brooklyn-only at this point, and it’s published on Thursdays. Which happens to be today. So go out and get your foodie news!