Has-Beens Lip-synching to “Let It Be” (Video Below)


Leave it to Norway.

They have united every single fame-challenged celebrity whoever lived, and who wasn’t busy at the autograph convention I recently went to in Parsippany, and shot them synching to “Let It Be” as a promo for some TV show or the other.

Stick with this amazing clip and you’ll see faded singers, ex-talk-show hosts, damaged athletes, and movieland icons like Kathleen Turner and Kelly McGillis.

Some of these notables are still hot (Glenn Close) and most of them are still alive (except for Leslie Nielsen).

And there are even rockers like Huey Lewis, TV stars like Corbin Bernsen and the black guy from Miami Vice, and even Pamela Anderson and Jason Alexander, for Chrissake!

It’s amazing what a Norwegian buck can do!

Also brace yourselves for a drop-by from Freddie Krueger — not in a violent mood, alas — but it’s no surprise who the best lip-syncher of all is:

The guy from Milli Vanilli!

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