Mars Bar Is Basically Screwed


First, Max Fish. Then, the Pink Pony. Today, the shit hits the fan once again, this time courtesy of the news that the Mars Bar that we know and love is most likely going to be obliterated in the next couple of years.

Although it was reported yesterday that the iconic bar would close for two years — but remain intact — while the buildings on its block were torn down and replaced by new apartment towers, it now appears that the bar will reopen in name only.

According to Curbed’s account of last night’s CB3 land use and sub-zoning committee meeting last night, the bar will be demolished along with the rest of the structures on its block to make way for the 12-story, 60-unit apartment building. And that building, like just about everything else that’s gone up in the East Village and on the Lower East Side over the past few years, has all of the originality and character of something you might find in a suburban Atlanta office park.

Since it’s enough to drive one to drink, we recommend doing it at Mars Bar while you still can.