So Ronni Chasen’s Murder Was Purely Random?


So it turns out that Harold Martin Smith, the guy who supposedly killed well-liked L.A. publicist Ronnie Chasen (then later shot himself to death), wasn’t a hired hit man after all, cops are now saying?

He was just a looney with a gun who they say performed some kind of a botched robbery — very botched, I’d imagine, since Ronni’s handbag was still there?

And all his talk about how he was going to collect 10,000 bucks for the killing was just so much crazed hallucination?

But I thought we’d heard about the security camera having been disabled just before Ronnie was offed.

Did Smith do that so he could act as if he was carrying out a hit, just for extra dramatic effect?

Or did he do it so cops wouldn’t catch his robbery attempt? (Pretty precise work considering he forgot to take the handbag.)

Or was it just disabled anyway?

So many questions.

All I know is, this is so tragic and pointless.

Generally, I don’t like publicists, but still, this was excessive.