SoHo House ‘Dead Woman in Bathtub’ Mystery Unfolds; SoHo House Bathtubs Really Nice


The New York Post jumped on the dead woman found in the SoHo House bathtub story we mentioned earlier today and has uncovered some interesting details. Apparently, Nicholas Brooks, the 26-year-old son of “Oscar-winning perv composer Joseph Brooks” (busted for being pervy, not composing pervily) is now being questioned by cops. It was his hotel room.

The woman, who was 33, checked in with Brooks to the “private members’ club and boutique hotel” in the Meatpacking District on Wednesday. She was found “dressed and laying in the bathtub” after guests below called 911 when water started leaking through their ceiling — we hate that! She was pronounced dead at the scene with no signs of trauma to the body, although NBC NY reports that she “appears to have bruises on her neck and a bite mark on her hand,” via a law-enforcement source.*

Of course, this is all very upsetting for everyone involved, most particularly the dead woman, but we think SoHo House should look on the bright side. Gritty is hot for 2011. Plus, with the Chelsea Hotel being sold, there’s an opening in the market. What — too soon?

Via Hotel Chatter, “All rooms come with a signature egg-shaped bath ‘large enough for two.’ Sad.” By contrast, the Chelsea Hotel bathtubs are kinda meh.

*Despite the dead woman in the bathtub, this is not the Worst Bathroom in New York.