Westboro Baptist Church Hatey-Haters Will Protest Elizabeth Edwards’ Funeral Just to Piss You Off


Let us give no further attention to the media-seeking antagonists at the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas than this: They plan to picket Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral on Saturday in Raleigh, North Carolina, because…God only knows, but if we were betting folks, we’d suspect a desire for headlines. Which they’re getting.

But, one question: Isn’t picketing a funeral kind of wussy and after-the-fact, anyway? If you’ve got a beef, say it to our faces, when we’re alive! Or, say it to John Edwards.

Westboro Baptist boasts the honor of having picketed other funerals, like those of people who’ve died in Iraq or have died of AIDS, and of having a website with the URL — as well as generally just hating on Jews, the War in Iraq, and anything else they might think of, including Michael Jackson. (Their website is currently down. Karma?)

[via CNN]