What to Drink at Hot Bird: The Hot Toddy


Each week in The Daily Shot, we have ourselves a drink that we think you should try, too.

The drink: Hot Toddy

The bar: Hot Bird, 546 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-230-5800

The price: $8

The ingredients: Whiskey, lemon, honey, hot water, and a stick of cinnamon.

The buzz: OK, winter, we get it. You’re here. No need to be a jerk about it. We’re not too worried about you, anyway, what with every neighborhood bar worth its salt now serving a decent hot toddy. Hot Bird’s is steamy and satisfying, with just enough citrus and sweetness to make it go down nice and easy. It’s so effective, in fact, that we’ll take our hot toddy outside, thank you very much, and sip it while warming our cockles around the mini fire pit in the yard. Take that, winter.

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