A New Erasure Video Featuring Moi


I’m in the new video for the classic Erasure song “A Little Respect,” the one we’ve all been known to dance to in a drunken stupor while begging for our proppers.

The remix, “A Little Respect – HMI Redux,” just became available as a download, with all proceeds going to Hetrick-Martin Institute.

Basically, wacky and/or esteemed New Yorkers like myself lip-synch bits of the powerful song in between lead singer Andy Bell taking the star part and shining his usual light of truth on things.

My bit took place around my beloved Cooper Square, and I made sure to exude enough presence so as not to be eclipsed by the giant black architectural cube on the street.

I demanded my respect!

So give Hetrick Martin a little respect and down it, folks. It’ll be good for all involved.