Autopsy Inconclusive for Sylvie Cachay, Woman Found Dead in Bathtub at SoHo House; Cops Seek Warrant for Her Ex


Yesterday we told you about the mysterious death of Sylvie Cachay, the New York swimsuit designer found dead in an overflowing bathtub at The Soho House. Police are now seeking a warrant for Cachay’s former boyfriend Nicholas Brooks, whom she’s believed to have broken up with just prior to her death.

Cachay, 33, and Brooks, 24, had been together for about six months. Brooks’s father is famed composer (and pervert) Joseph Brooks. Via NBC New York, “Police would look for traces of DNA, skin under his fingernails, and any possible signs of struggle or trauma, said Chief NYPD spokesman Paul Browne.”

Cachay’s autopsy was inconclusive and a tissue and toxicology test will now be done to help identify cause of death.

Cachay was found face-up in a bathtub, reportedly wearing a black top and underwear, with a bite mark on her hand and red marks on her neck. There was a prescription pill bottle in the room but no illegal drugs were found anywhere in the fancy hotel room.