Body of 16-Year-Old Found Near Boston May Have Fallen From Plane


This may be the most bizarre sad story of the day, and there have been plenty of bizarrely sad stories to choose from. Investigators have identified a body found in Milton, Massachusetts, as that of a 16-year-old from North Carolina who they believe may have stowed away in an airplane wheel well and fell from the sky to his death.

Via the AP, Delvonte Tisdale, the boy, was wearing sneakers and a shirt that his family says matches the clothing the cops found in Milton, which is along the path the plane would have taken in the process of landing at Logan.

Anthony Tisdale, Delvonte’s dad, says he last saw his son on November 14, but the next day, Delvonte didn’t come home from school. The boy’s body was found in Milton last week, but Tisdale says “he has no idea how his son ended up in the Boston area.”

“It’s a terrible tragedy what happened to this young man,” said Norfolk District Attorney William Keating. “But if that was someone with a different motive, if that was a terrorist, that could be a bomb planted on there undetected.”

Hear that, TSA?