Fat Pants Friday: BabyCakes’ Double Chocolate Crumb Cake


BabyCakes’ double chocolate crumb cake is a testament to the miracles that can occur when no actual chocolate is used to make a chocolate product.

The “chocolate” part of the cake — which, like everything else the bakery sells, is vegan and gluten-free — comes from unsweetened cocoa powder, which lends the cake a robust, elemental flavor. The crumb is thick and moist, almost like a cross between a brownie and one of those monolithic chocolate layer cakes that diners like to keep rotating behind glass. Since it’s sweetened only with pear and agave nectar, the cake won’t leave you climbing the walls, though the zigzags of chocolate sauce that embellish it are gooey enough to trick you into thinking you’re eating something that will.

At $4.75 for a generous slice, the cake is also one of the better bargains to be found at BabyCakes, where cupcakes cost $4.25. On the Fat Pants scale, it rates a pair of Relaxed Fits — it’s cake that’s more apt to lighten your spirit than leave you feeling weighed down.

248 Broome Street

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