Foster Kamer: Our Favorite Memories, by the Village Voice Interns


I am not the only one who has a special place in her heart for the man also known as @weareyourfek. Our interns, past and present (but not future because he won’t beeeee here) love him, too! Here are their favorite memories.

Annie Werner, Intern Class Summer 2010
I think what I miss most from my time at the Voice was our collective Runnin’ Scared Gchat giggle, typically induced by Foster’s drug references, hangover complaints, or suggested headline alternatives. I always knew when Foster was out of the office because I wouldn’t be able to hear him laughing at his own jokes from his cubicle. “I love this,” he told me once, “I really don’t understand how people do this if they don’t.”


One time he confused my mom with my dad via email — apparently “Patrice” sounds masculine.

Rosie Gray, Intern Class Summer 2010
One memory? Well, there’s the fact that Foster is the only person who’s ever apologized for editing me — and it was a crappy post anyway, so he could have just killed it and moved on. But he took the time to explain what was wrong with it, how we could salvage it, and even sent me an email later apologizing that he couldn’t “defer to my vision.” Or how he swatted Gawker commenters around on my behalf. Or how he always called me “kiddo,” which is kind of charmingly avuncular coming from a 26-year-old. Gonna miss that guy.

Leslie Minora, Intern Class Summer 2010
I would always anticipate the next post that would originate from Foster’s command station of a cubicle with its two screens and a fan blowing at him from two feet away as though cooling a blogging engine. Now and then, he would break the silence with an, “Oh yea,” and maybe a clap or two, and I would know to start refreshing the Runnin’ Scared page right away. What resulted? Well, remember the Russian spy slideshow he compiled before the masses even knew the name Anna Chapman, and can I just take a moment to remind everyone about the masterpiece that is the Mel Gibson flow chart? Another favorite Foster memory, although this might embarrass him, is the day he was watching a video online and told us that he was going to marry the girl from Dancing With the Stars, or America’s Got Talent or something like that.

Averie Timm, Intern Class Fall 2010
Last year at a holiday party, amid booze and belligerence, Foster gave me the following advice: “At first you write about what you love… but soon you’ll see that you love what you write about.”

Sergio Hernandez, Intern Class Fall 2010
My first favorite Foster memory has to be when I first met him last year, when he was still the weekend editor at Gawker and I was a video intern… He recruited me to help with a pretty epic takedown of Rabbi Schmuley Boteach and Jon Gosselin.

He credited me as a “Black Ops” intern at the time, which he later changed to “ninja” at the Voice. I now put “cool spy nickname” under salary requirements on job applications.

Myles Tanzer, Intern Class Fall 2010
One of the first days I starting working for Runnin’ Scared, I was sitting in Foster’s cubicle with him writing up a post. As I was finishing up, I saw Foster had emailed me and the rest of the staff about something. The email with the subject of “FYI” started off with “Just to let you guys know, I picked up an iPad over the weekend.” The rest of the email was Foster telling us all to come over and play with his brand-new toy. I looked to my right and saw Foster watching me read his message. “Wanna see it!?” Of course I did. I cruised around some apps (mostly through Foster’s instructions). After a while, he said to me, “Typing on this thing is awesome — watch this.” He opened up a note and proceeded to write, “Suck balls, you motherfucker” about 60 times in the matter of 40 seconds. I was really impressed — as I am with everything else that Foster does.

Esquire, you take good care of our boy.