From Duncan Hines, Cupcakes in…Blackface?


Taking a lesson from the “Drunken Negro Face” school of publicity, the folks at Duncan Hines have made cupcakes more offensive than Magnolia Bakery could ever hope to, thanks to their Amazing Glazes campaign.

Apparently the folks at Duncan Hines decided that the best way to advertise microwavable chocolate sauce was to do so with a video entitled “Hip-Hop Cupcakes” employing quasi-rapping cupcakes that bear a disquieting resemblance to Al Jolson.

People, unsurprisingly, are pissed, and Duncan Hines has removed the video from YouTube. You can still see it on Eater, which also points out that the ad’s director, Josh Binder, previously courted criticism with a sexist ad for Western wear. Seems that he’s on a bit of a streak.